FleurHerbia Honey

Our bees can roam around the farm and find food sources all year round. We have many flowering trees such as Bauhinia, Jaccaranda, Neem, Musikili, Flamboyant, Flametree, Baobab, Sausagetree, just to name a few… 

In September – October we have 30HA of Coffee trees in a white Jasmin like flower robe and from May until August our vegetable and flower seed production provides an amazing food source for our Apis scutellata bees. The main swarming seasons are in April and October. We harvest honey twice a year, usually at the beginning of November and beginning of May.

FleurHerbia honey is hand centrifuged and does not get heated. All vitamins and micro nutrients are preserved and the empty honey comb goes back to the bees to rebuild their honey storage. Directly after harvesting the “super” (upper part of the bee hive) we extract the honey and fill it in jars.

In March 2016 we organised a beekeeping course: Beekeeping Course Mubuyu

And in February 2018 we organised a Bee Workshop