Munali Olives

Our Olive trees were planted in 2012. We have a total of 8 varieties which were specifically selected for our warm climate. The trees can only bear fruits when the winters are cold enough as flowering needs to be induced by a certain number of hours under 10 degrees during the winter months. Their flowering time in Zambia is September – October. Harvesting time is during February – March.

Our varieties allow us to make table Olives but we can also use them for Oil production. We pick our Olives when they have matured, either green or we wait for them to turn black. They need to be processed the same day in order to avoid any blemishes; they go through a washing process over several weeks and finally get put into a brine with home grown herbs, garlic, chili and lemon.

We also sell our Olives fresh to people who wish to make their own recipes.

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